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Is there a catch?

No. All you need to get started with Socialaser is your name, work email address and a password. No credit card details are required.

Are there any limits?

The Free Plan allows you to create 10 intros by uploading 10 videos to your account (max video duration = 2 minutes). It also includes Socialaser branding in the footer (don't worry, it's subtle!)

Will it expire?

No. Your free credits will not expire, you can use them whenever you wish.

Can I integrate my own domain?

Yes! The beauty of Socialaser is the level of personalisation it offers and using your own domain name is an essential part. Once you have signed up for an account, contact our support team and we'll help you get set up.

Will you sell my data?

No. The information we collect belongs to you and you alone. We will never pass this on to anyone else. We will contact you about our product and business, but you can opt out any time.

Can I speak to someone?

Yes! We'd be delighted ot hear from you. Please visit Wonder Leads for instructions on how to get in touch with our team.